Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back Again

More people are talking about biking and walking than ever before. Gas prices are soaring, the health benefits of active living are in the news. Health care costs are astronomical and prevention is all the rage. There are a lot of reasons for more discussions about how we can be more active. Forward Fergus Falls has set up a Destiny Drive committee called Active Living. One of the ways to make Fergus Falls a great community is to encourage more people to be more active. The Active Living committee has taken on two projects this year. They are sponsoring a family biking day call "Be Active Bike Fergus Falls" in conjunction with the Central Lake Trail Tour May 21, 2011 The Active Living group is also making a connection with the many walking groups already established in Fergus Falls. The plan is to find a way to support existing walkers and encourage more people to join up with friends and start walking. The snow is melting and warm weather is on the way. Send me a comment if you are part of a walking group or want more information about the bike tour.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Active in Moorhead host National Bike Walk event

Promoters for active living have formed a group called Active In Moorhead (AIM) They hosted presentations by Bob Chauncey and Mark Plotz from the National Center for Bicycling and Walking. Bob and Mark talked about the many reason why walking and biking are good activities. Improved health and illness prevention are tied to the need to reduce health care costs. Benefits to the environment are well documented too.

Bob's presentation focused on the economic benefits of walking and bicycling trails and safe routes to school. Communities that improve their pedestrian routes and establish bike paths see an increase in land values near trails and demonstrate increased retail shop occupancy. When we calm the traffic movement through our retail areas people get out of their cars and shop. At the same time pedestrian and bike accidents are reduced when more people bike and walk.

They have more good ideas on their web site

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May is National Bike Month

May is time to get back on the bike month. I am encouraged by good weather and National decree. In fact next week May 10-16 is Ride Your Bike to Work Week. My co workers have started discussions about how they can get to work when they live up to 50 miles away.

The park and ride idea could work. Drive to a parking lot in town and then ride the last mile to work.

When one person expressed concern about biking to work and then getting a call from school to pick up a sick kid, a coworker quickly slid over his keys. They would gladly sacrifice biking to work and provide an emergency vehicle.

Don't find an excuse, find a reason to try riding your bike to work. Save Gas, Save Yourself, Save the World. Take your pick.

Check out the MNDOT share the road web site for safety tips.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HPT Starts Off With a Flood

The first meeting of Human Powered Transport (HPT) in Fergus Falls started off on March 24 with flood of interest. While hundreds of people where battling the floods in Fargo ND thirteen people showed up at 115 E Cherry St. to have snacks, meet new friends, and tells stories of getting around under human power. Harrowing brushes with death seeking cars, bitter cold days while walking to work, chances to get fit, and a desire to live better on this earth were all common bonds between the people gathered to talk about promoting more human powered transportation.

The group decided to keep HPT simple. some folks are interested in working with the city to improve the walking /biking infrastructure, but most people wanted the group to have fun and relax when they are getting outside. The next scheduled event will be an impromptu picnic at NP Park. It is scheduled for the first warm evening in May. Members will call each other the first time the weather is predicted to be in the 70s. We will walk, ride or blade to NP Park for an evening picnic and decide what the next event will be. Don't get too serious just have fun.

The closing activity was checking out the Super Micro Bike made by Jeffrey James. check it out at this link The bike driver is Ramona.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HPT meeting postponed by blizzard

The Human Powered Transport meeting is postponed to Tues March 24 at 7:00 PM. Same place 115 E Cherry Street. The home of Ramona and Jeffrey James.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Human Powered Transport

Worried about the economy, frustrated about getting old, or concerned about the environment? You aren’t the only one. A group of Fergus Fall’s citizens are doing something about all three. They call themselves Human Powered Transport (HPT). They are not a 70s rock band, but a group of people who are taking to the streets biking or walking to work, school, and local errands.

HPT has discovered that we can save money, improve our vitality, and reduce our carbon footprint just by leaving the car at home and getting to work under our own energy.

Every financial advisor on TV or the radio is chanting the same mantra, “Save money by doing simple things.” If you live within two miles of work or daily errands, biking and walking can be a double benefit to saving money. First you save gas and wear on your car. Second you buy fewer things at the store, because you have to carry them home.

Getting older, gaining weight, and losing energy seems inevitable, A brisk walk or bike ride twice a day will do wonders for your vitality. A man in Bloomington MN started biking the eight miles to work in June 2009 when gas was $4.00 per gallon. When the price dropped to $1.60 he was asked if he would return to his car. “I have lost 10 lbs. riding my bike and I feel great. I will never return to the car no matter what the price of gas.” He continues to commute during the winter. WCCO TV video about winter commuting by bike.

Last July American’s reduced the amount they used their cars. The demand for gasoline dropped by 4% in July 2008 compared to 2007. The price of gas started to drop and continued its decline into winter. If people just reduce their use of cars by 4% we could see changes that benefit the air, less wear on our cars, and less damage to our roads.
These economic times are an opportunity to make changes that will make us more secure, healthier, and better citizens of this planet. Join HPT and see what a difference a few people can make.

HPT will be holding its first public meeting on March 10, 2009 at 7:00 PM at 115 E Cherry St Fergus Falls, MN. Watch this blog for more information.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Video Contest Features Save the World Ideas

My friend Wendy sent me information on a website that is sponsoring a video contest about ideas that can help save the world. The site is called "Just Do One". The site lists several ways people can do simple acts that taken together will make a big difference in the world. To my surprise one of their suggestions was ride a bike, walk, or take a bus to work.

I thought many of you might be interested in entering this contest with a video clip explaining something you do that helps the world be a better place. Take a look at the site, and if videography is not your cup of Christmas Tea you might find you can Just Do One of their ideas.

My bike is hanging from my garage rafters. I tried walking to work in the cold. It looks like it is time to buy more warm clothes. Does anyhone have suggestions for a good face mask?